The Listao project, coordinated by Voile au Travail, intends to enhance and promote the professional coastal to high-sea maritime activities by putting into service and operating a multi-purpose sailing catamaran. In the short time, several units will be built by one or more selected boatbuilders and a licence to build will be released for the better spreading of this floating tool.

Listao makes use of leading edge technologies and pieces of equipment to maintain the reliability of any maritime activity to the higher level as soon as cost, strength and safety are concerned. This is made possible through  the effective reduction in fuel consumption, the choice of adequate materials/building processes and the reduction of loads and noises onboard  . The project also includes that professional sailors will take a course on working by sails to satisfy to  safety requirements.

Wind as the main energy for propulsion makes of Listao one of the best proposal for carbon dioxide reductions. Windpower is to supply 80 % of the required propulsion power onboard. The 20 % left concern the use of an auxiliary propulsion for harbour operations and the need of a refrigerated container or ice-maker for fishing purposes. 

The choice of a catamaran is made relevant for numerous specific performances:


- low hydrodynamical resistance : high mean speed / low required power.

- large deck area : high storage capacity and versatility.

- high lateral stability : comfort and safety at sea for the crew.

- high (sailing) range : low fuel consumption

- easy sails handling.

The versatility of the catamaran platform allows considering various activities to be conducted onboard, such as :

- professional  coastal to high sea fishing (excepted trawling)

-  micro-cargo carrying (2 x 20' containers)

- scientific survey and monitoring

- education and awareness to marine wildlife

- marine research and exploration

- coastal passenger transportation

- supply and maintenance on offshore sites

- professional scubadiving